27 Top Free WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Website

I’ve been navigating through the WordPress platform for many years. I’ve utilized it both as a user for my own sites, and have also handled many large client WP sites. With over 25% of all Websites on the Web built on WordPress, there’s a reason so many choose to this platform. WordPress is supposed to be an easier, effective, and efficient way to manage and create content. On top of everything, it’s free!

Often though, WP sites are created on a basic theme and left bare without the plugins installed that make WordPress so amazing. Websites are left susceptible to hacking, aren’t optimized correctly for SEO, and aren’t set up for analytics tracking. Without the correct plugins in place, WordPress isn’t used to its full potential. So I’ve complied a list of the tried-and-proven, top rated Free plugins available on WordPress today.



Matthew Capala

Matthew Capala is an Internet marketer, growth consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author. He is the founder of SearchDecoder.com, Adjunct Professor at NYU, and Author of "SEO Like I'm 5"