Get Local: Know Where Your Customers Are

While Fashion Is Your Business has been recording on location at many different conferences this year, they’ve spoken with a variety of people and businesses doing interesting things. For companies, both big and small, knowing where your customers are (and when they are there) can help businesses be smarter about business decisions or make the entire shopping experience go smoother for everyone. In this post, we’ll highlight two different apps that are using customer location information in interesting or important ways.


In episode 106, recorded at the 2016 SHOPTALK retail and ecommerce event in Las Vegas, Pavan and Charles spoke with Leah Malone, Regional Director of Brand Partnerships for Foursquare.


The app is well known to consumers as the place where you can search neighborhoods for things as well making it fun to check-in at places by getting badges or becoming “mayors” of locations. However, the benefits of brands working with the app’s team is somewhat lesser known and the conversation illuminates the many was that the data collected by Foursquare & Swarm could be useful to stores.

A simple check-in on Swarm from a customer provides a time that a specific person is shopping at a store location. With multiple data points from multiple users, Foursquare collects a lot of data. Analyzing this data, brands can get an idea about things like their foot traffic throughout the day or get a glimpse into the average day in the life of a customer. Similar things can happen with the searches on Foursquare.

Leah also points out in the episode that sites that customers go to online does not always map out to places where that same customer will shop. A customer may look at some places online, but actually go physically to other locations. Using this information, Foursquare can better pair the right advertising with the right customer.


On the floor of the Innovation Center of the 2016 ECommerce Show USA in Atlanta, Rob and Marc spoke to Nimmity Zappert, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Localz.


Localz is an Australian location technology company providing micro-location experiences & iBeacon tools for enterprise. The service help businesses confirm that customers get the package that they order and helps save time while doing so. One way is making sure that customers are at home so they get their package. This cuts back on customers waiting on items or having to take time out of their day to receive a package. Another solution they provide is letting customers signal to stores that they are near and that they are interested in picking up an online order.

Either solution makes the the last leg of the purchasing process easier and more convenient for both stores and customers. With these solutions, customers leave the process remembering the good customer service they received. This will possibly make a returning customer out of them, all because they were able to get what they wanted on their own time.


Providing benefits to customers that opt-in to letting stores know where their location helps to create a more tailored experience that they will appreciate. Whether this is up-front with customer facing convenience in streamlining the package receiving process or on the back-end by using data to inform better business decisions like staffing stores at the right times or partnerships between related business, knowing who your customers are by knowing where they go helps you to meet them there.


Alex Tunney

Alex is Managing Editor of Open Source Fashion. His work has appeared in The Billfold, Lambda Literary, The Inquisitive Eater and The Ink and Code. Alex earned his MFA in Creative Writing from The New School.