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5 Fashion Tech Podcasts That You Need To Listen To

January 27th, 2016

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The last few years have seen a rise in the popularity of podcasts, and it is for good reason. Podcasts don’t require a professional host, can be done from anywhere at any time, and enable one to reach their target audience quickly, easily and affordably. They allow one and all to speak their mind; it is radio for the people by the people making topics, that might otherwise be dense and uninteresting, digestible. And they can be listened to nearly anywhere, making them perfect for the fashion tech entrepreneur on-the-go.

With podcasting increasing in popularity, you can find a podcast or two on nearly every subject. The fashion tech space, always trendsetters, has joined in.

Below are our five favorite podcasts in fashion tech:

1. - Where Fashion and Technology Meet
Need branding guidance or help with your marketing strategy? Refashion is here to help. Hosted by Cristina Q., a digital strategist and event producer with a lot of experience under her belt, Refashion features interviews with leading companies and influencers in the fashion tech space. Cristina Q. talks to each guest about innovation, building success, difficulties they faced and how they handled it

As defined by Cristina Q., the purpose of Refashion to “accelerate the success of fashion entrepreneurs, while pushing the limits of what is possible through collaboration, knowledge and empowerment.”


Spirit of 608 is hosted by San Francisco Bay Area fashion tech journalist, Lorraine Sanders. Through her podcast, Sanders seeks to push “fashion forward into a better place” by inspiring women who are entrepreneurs. She does this by featuring tips, advice and stories from women at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech – F.E.S.T.

The name of the podcast is a reference to the 80s movie “Legend of Billy Jean.” Sanders wanted a podcast name that would inspire her every day, and the movie protagonist–a woman willing to stand up to people in power to do what she thinks is right–does just that for her. It is that sense of female empowerment that is the driving force behind each episode.

What sets Pop Fashion apart is the witty dynamic between hosts Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar. Rowan is a vintage shop owner turned fashion journalist; Kaarin Vembar is the writer for True to Style and the stylist behind Closet Caucus.

Each episode starts out with a fashion news segment followed by the day’s main topic segment. Rowan and Vember give you insight into the industry covering topics such as pop culture, business, entrepreneurship, women’s issues within the industry and more.

The fun and conversational delivery of each episode make the information very engaging and easy to digest. Listening to one of the episodes is like having a conversation with friends over a drink or coffee and by the end, you can’t help but want to be their BFFs.


American Fashion Podcast
American Fashion Podcast is a weekly conversation about the fashion industry. Hosts Charles Beckwith (fashion media producer), Seth Friedermann (fashion business consultant / punk for life), and Lisa-Maria Radano (writer / producer / native New Yorker) talk about the here and now of the garment industry and everyday life for creative people in New York City. Joining them are fashion designers, costume designers, retail store owners and buyers, fashion technology entrepreneurs, runway photographers, and sustainability advocates.

Notable guests include Mickey Boardman, Bob Bland of Manufacture New York and costume designer Lisa Padovani.


Fashion Is Your Business Podcast
Fashion Is Your Business is a vital podcast at the intersection of fashion tech and business, produced by Open Source Fashion in conjunction with The Fashion Media Center. The informative and fun weekly show is produced and hosted by lawyer, strategist, and 2016 New York Fashion Fellow Rob Sanchez, fashion technology thought leader and community builder Pavan Bahl, and creative entrepreneur and veteran podcaster Marc Raco , along with a revolving team of credible guest hosts.

Lighthearted and boisterous, Fashion Is Your Business features discussions inspired by recent relevant news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and provides a platform for business leaders and rising stars to announce startups and milestones. Mix in commentary about virtually anything in between, and insights into business and technology within the fashion industry have become entertaining, meaningful and accessible


Let us know what your favorite fashion tech podcast is, and why you love it, in the comments below.